More sales!!!

Cross-posting with other sales pages, too.

Doing a major clearing out of the craft room, because I need to down-size it. I have so much stuff in there I never use and will never use and have a lot to save up for. I will be adding more items as I keep going through the drawers.

Wigs, random costume pieces, accessories, pins, etc.

Please give it a look and see if there's anything you want. I accept offers on most items as well.



I am clearing out the copslay room for space and redecorating.
If anyone is interested in any of these items let me know or if you know someone interested, please pass it along. These must go ASAP! The costumes I made are good starter costumes and could use a little touching up.
Buyer pays shipping. I will ship international if you really, really want it. Everything is at quite a reduced price for what I paid, but I am willing to negotiate slightly if necessary. Just message me or reply here.

Doctor Who, Ten blue suit replica
Kingdom Hearts 2, Aerith
Bioshock Infinite, Elizabeth
vintage red cardigan (did not make)
replica vintage 1920's evening dress (did not make)

Screen Accurate items:
Rosalie Hale, Twilight, Guess Amelia blazer
Alice Cullen, Twilight, 7-button H&M vest
Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, dyed H&M jacket (not accurate color)

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Tenth Doctor, Doctor Who, blue with red pinstripe suit. It was designed as a male suit for a female, so it's a little odd fit at first. I was hesitant to sell this at first, but I think it's finally time. Wore it twice in 2009. Screen printed replica fabric, but faded overtime and incorrect detergent. It's a small size, commissioned from an amazing seamstress on Etsy, fully hemmed and serged. All pockets, including inside liner, are fully function, except the breast pocket.
Made for 36" hips, 30" inseam. 16" shoulder to shoulder and 23" arm length. I will also include the maroon button up.
If you need more pictures or information, let me know.

Additional Doctor Who costume items. 2 sets of 3D glasses in correct color and style. Blue and red tie. Tortoise shell colors glasses with frames removed.

Kingdom Hearts 2, Aerith dress. Missing top strap that goes around neck.
I made it for a friend in 2008. The dress is actually made over a size 6 American Eagle white spring dress, so it's pretty strong and a little heavy. I did add a panel to extend the side, but it can easily be removed to just use the zipper. You'd just need to sew back the pink and white fabric. The pink tie that goes around the neck and ties on front in a bow is missing, so you'd have to provide that. It's a good starter costume if you want to touch it up a bit and update it a little. I color matched everything as close as possible. It's very comfortable, too.

Elizabeth, Bioshock Infinity.
Meant for a size small. 16" from shoulder to shoulder, 28" waist and 34-36" hips on both skirts. I'm 5'3" if that's any size help. Worn twice. A good starter costume. Not my best work, but it's durable and very comfortable. Only includes bolero and white and blue skirts. The material is inside-out, so I got the best color and fabric choice, however it does shed slightly. Should be ok now since it's been worn a couple times, but just in case I'm letting you know. The inside part to the fabric, however, is very soft and breaths very well, so you shouldn't have to worry about it being itchy or too warm.

Purchased at costume supply store. 1950's style wool cardigan. Red with black bow. Very adorable. Fits XS-S. Tags were cut off by costume store, but I wore it only once.

1940's red evening dress. Purchased preowned, but wore once to try on.
34" chest, 28" waist, 34-36" hips.
Very form-fitting, but long and elegant.

Alice Cullen, Twilight Eclipse, H&M black 7-button vest. Size Small. Slightly faded due to wearing it multiple times, but still in great shape.

Rosalie Hale, Twilight, Guess Amelia blazer. Size Small. Wore once.

Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, H&M Side Divided jacket. Jacket was originally black and white checked, but a friend dyed it back to match as a whole. It didn't stick all the way, but if someone is willing to try and work with it to color match to the correct purple color it might be a fun project. Size Small, but fits more like XS.


Making costumes!

Yes, it's four weeks until ECCC and I started sewing my costumes!! I have everything I need except for shoes. So now it's crunch time. I'm doing nothing fancy and crazy. Just simple and recognizable. I'm pretty sure I'm going to rewear my Kaylee Shindig dress, because it's my favorite and I love wearing it. :) No objections.
I may not even get Agent May done for ECCC, which was my ultimate goal, but I'm just going to work with what I've got. Maybe I'll take the time on it and do a fun photoshoot later this year. My Derpy costume is NOT turning out like I wanted it to, which sucks. I think I have to just do something else with it. I had a dress plan, but now I'm not sure. So maybe I'll just do jeans and a gray top and paint the bubbles on. Thankfully it's an inexpensive plan and comfy. I'll need comfy for Sakuracon since I'll be working it.
For now this is the plan.
ECCC: secret awesome costume, Agent May (if I can finish), Shindig Kaylee, and coveralls Kaylee (if I can't finish May). Maybe I'll pick something else to change mid-day? I have no idea. I'm just keeping it simple.

Sakuracon: Derpy, Twilight Sparkle and something else comfy...? I'm trying to just wear costumes I wear my Yaya stuff with since I'll be working at her booth. Makes sense, right? Maybe I'll find an inexpensive Rainbow Dash hoodie to wear so I can wear my kick butt Rainbow Dash ears. I love them and I never get to wear them.

So those are the plans for con season. Yes, my con season lasts two weeks. I can't afford to take a lot of time off for cons anymore and time is rarely on my side to make anything new, so I focus on ECCC and Sakuracon.

I miss DragonCon. When are we gonna move back East??
Mirana Queen

Time for a change

Time for me to take charge of my feelings. Thank you all for your concern. To those who messaged me, left comments and texted.
It was a whole lot of bad feelings that needed to finally be released.
I can't let that take over me. Those thoughts and feelings are not who I am. I am a generally happy and optimistic person.
I removed myself from many pages and groups associated with that event. I had to get away. I stayed on several just in case someone had a quick question about travel and lodging. But aside from that, no more liking, no more sharing links, no more commenting unless I have useful information. I want to support my friends, but there's a limit to what I feel comfortable doing now.
But I did let it all out and my friend said we're all good. I haven't talked to her since then. I'm sure she's shared her thoughts with others about what I said. I'm sure she didn't like any of what I said. I should have been honest from the start and I wasn't. I let it fester.
BE HONEST with your friends. Don't keep those emotions bottled up. If you have a problem you talk to your friends. I learned the hard way.
But I'm going to hold my head up high and move on. There's more to me then that.
It all almost killed an entire fandom for me. It probably almost killed several friendships, too.
But I need to look out for myself and little by little remove what makes the those bad feelings emerge and reconnect with what made it good.

Welcome to 2015...whiny Anna ahead...

The year started off well. Business was good. The husband and I have a stronger relationship and it's wonderful. I cleaned through my closets and collected two bags of stuff to donate and one box of items set for Ebay. All was well.
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Now the wheel bearing on the front passenger side of my car so bad to the point of where it screwed up my brake rotor. It was a repair that I knew had to happen soon, but this week it got worse. I had to take a personal day to get it repaired, which I never do. Then they saw that the brake rotor was totally worn out and damaged, because of the bearing. So it's still in the garage until the brake part comes in. Thank goodness my husband works where we can get the parts for cheap.
On top of that our washer and dryer are fading. The dryer needs two cycles to properly wash anything and the washer won't spin anymore. Of course, we're two months outside warranty. Hopefully we can do the repairs ourselves. It seems simple enough, I hope.

We barely make it from paycheck to paycheck sometimes and now all these repairs at once. Maybe February will be brighter?

It's ok. We're making cuts. Going to cut off all but basic cable and internet soon. It's easier to spend $10 here and there on Netflix and Crunchyroll, then $150 for all our premium channels and internet. Hopefully all my stuff on Ebay will sell so we will have those funds back and can take of other things. This year the goal is to pay off, at least, two credit cards. Little by little is all it takes. It will be a total struggle for the next two months, but we will survive it.

2015 hasn't broken me yet, but it's already wearing me down.

Edited to add: Also come to find that one of my brake pads BROKE completely off and was just grinding against the rotor and caliper!! Yupp. Fantastic, huh? I was probably one day away from losing my brakes completely.
BUT, everything is all fixed on my car and happy. I don't need any major maintenance for a good long while. At least it didn't get worse, because I know what could have happened if I waited any longer.

Good bye, items I don't need

Greetings everyone! It's a new year, which means it's time to clear through the costuming closet. I have several screen accurate items, among other things, for sale right now. Either items I have never worn or items I will never wear again.
I'll probably add more later on, but this is it for now.

If you have any questions, please let me know.



Hello to all who are still hanging around.
I plan on using this more for 2015.
Yupp. That's the plan. We shall see.
Welcome to the new year!!!

All is well

Work has been better, thankfully. Not as overwhelming. I, at least, have an ASM now. I took two days off in a row this week and I don't feel stressed out about it. This is good. Now I get to write reviews for associates that I've only worked with for two months. This seems highly unfair for them, but I will do my best.

Emerald City Comicon has come and gone. Let's just say…I understand why I enjoy working at cons more than actually being at the con. Less stress, fewer problems and only having to worry about the products I'm selling.

Also, costume contest…yeah, too much wasted time at a con. I don't know how people can do these all the time. Felt like I barely got to spend time with my husband and my sister at the con, because I was following a friend, helping her change, did the contest and prejudging…it was all lost time. However, for what I really truly want to make for ECCC next year I may enter myself and my husband IF and only if it turns out exactly how I want it to. We'll see. But at least we'll get to spend more time together. I hated all that lost time. I enjoy wandering the con and people watching. At least I made some friends and got to see some old friends. Good times. Good times.

Sakuracon is next weekend and I will not be costuming and will be working it. This makes me happy. Comfort, friends, and surrounded by costumes…I'm A-OK with this! Simplicity and good friends. :)
And then no more cons for the year. So all year to plan for next year and relax. Once the weather gets a bit better we have so much we want to do. Another trip to Mt. Rainier. Back to Bainbridge Island and finally to Whitbey Island. We want to do a lot of local stuff we've never done before. Local and free! Well, except going to Oregon to check out the cheesy Enchanted Forest theme park. Can't wait to see what that's all about. They even have a Storybrook Lane!!

That's it for now, I suppose. Thanks for reading. :)
Maybe some photos on the next one.

Management woes

Having my own store is amazing. Things are coming together the way I want them to. My minions aren't rock stars, but some of them have potential to go far in the company. Some of them I'd really like to see move up, but they have to prove it first.
Being sick and having no ASM sucks. I want a day off to recover, but I'm working all 7 days this week. I feel miserable. I have to suck if up and deal, because I have a midnight release tonight and then need to turn around and open in the morning!!
Being a manager isn't fun and games. It's exhausting! The end results are really what make it amazing. The people you have at your store make it amazing.

There is still so much organizing left to do at my store to get it up to my standards, but it's almost there. My store is also very old and in dire need of repairs, so I'm hoping I can get a budget to finally get those repairs done.

It's definitely not what I expected, being a manager, but I'm getting used to it.